A message from The Silent Grapevine Founder

Today is the third month anniversary of the fire that Mary and I experience on October 17, 2013. As some of my closest followers know, I have not posted a single blog post since then. The recovery process, was, just too much and draining. Nevertheless, with some help from you, our followers, our friends, and our families support, we are now in a better place. Professionally, I am now in a better position to begin blogging again for The Silent Grapevine and with my personal blog as well. 
I plan on keeping this short, but I plan on telling my personal story about my experience on my personal blog about what I went through and the experiences that I learned along the way. I urge you to participate and share your stories as well. I think society as a whole can learn so much from each other with the stories we have and to share those stories, to help ourselves and others, move on. 
As for the Silent Grapevine, my goal is straight-forward: to get a million page views within the next six months. My goal is to make the Silent Grapevine the #1 place when people can get the latest news on just about anything! My goal is huge, risky and going out on a limb, but with your help, it can be done! Social media is an amazing tool; if we can use this tool well, we can help create more deaf awareness with the stories, videos and what we share with others! 
Again, thank you to those who donated and supported Mary and I through our difficult transition from the fire. 


The Silent Grapevine Founder
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Thomsen Young

Founder of TSG