D-PAN, The Deaf Professional Arts Network, is an internationally-known nonprofit organization dedicated to making music and music culture accessible for the deaf and hard of hearing community. Established in 2006, D-PAN has created American Sign Language (ASL) music videos of popular songs featuring deaf and hard of hearing performers expressing the song’s lyrics through ASL.

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Directed & Edited by Adrean Mangiardi
Director of Photography : Michael Berlucchi
Assistant Director : Mark Levin
Executive Producer : Joel Martin (Bacow)
Line Producer : Rich Hansen
Production Manager : Dale Wilson
Production Coordinator : Bonnie Parks
Camera Assistant : Katie Barkel
Gaffer : Nik Tykowski
Grip : Matthew Tuppen and Aaron Segel
Dolly Grip: Trevor Krok
Gospel ASL Directors :
P Lanette Pinkard
Tamara Wright
Aarron Loggins
Set Design : Roger Dyer
Prop Master : Lisa Wood
Prop Master Assistant : Nate Qualls
Make-up & Hair Design : Tresa Callahan
Sound Design : Nick Schoonover
Dialogue Mixing : Nick Schoonover
Sound Playback : Jennifer Lusier
Gospel Music Consultant : Larry Callahan
Music Clearance : Nancie Stern at Music Resources, Inc.
Production Assistant :
Stefan Vardon
Artur Pinkhasov
Nate Qualls

Performers In Order of Appearance:
Mother – Tamara Wright
Young Boy – Taye Levenson
Music Teacher – P Lanette Pinkard
Choir Director – Aarron Loggins
Lead Choir Member – Arriana Bedgood
Choir Member – Benjamin Houston
Choir Member – Joe Williams
Choir Member – Larry Cotton Jr.
Choir Member – Tanisha Cotton
Choir Member – Don Espy
Choir Member – Cherie Espy
Larry Calahan and Selected of God
Bountiful Blessing

Special Thanks to all the ITP Students and others who volunteered during the shoot. Linda Drinkard
Amanda Leff
Jessica Mitchell
Sara Zuemer
Tanya Kott
Russ Parks
Nicola Artese
Nicole Righter
Feclicia Moore

Special Thanks:
Reverend Jim Holley, Ph.D., The Historic Rock Baptist Church
Nicole Black, The Historic Rock Baptist Church
Orchard Lake Community Church
Marcia Levenson and all the parents and extras

Special Thanks:
The Clark Sisters
Armen Boladian
Sarah Catlett
Steve King
Scott Guy
Chrystal Smith
Kim Simonian
Greg Doyle
Arriel Jensen
Jeff and Julie Bass
Mark Bass
Deneen Bacow
Jack Bacow
Bennie Bacow
Donald Mulka

Collaboration between Lucky Airlines and D-PAN

Shot in D-PAN Studios and The Historic Little Rock Baptist Church

Ferndale and Detroit, Michigan 2013

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