Amber Zion interviewed by

Amber Zion, yesterday, was interviewed by In preparation for the upcoming Super Bowl, wanted Amber to,

“recorded the national anthem with us in advance of her upcoming performance at one of the most-watched events of the year. We break down the signs to the lyrics with the idea that anyone can learn how to sign this song and enjoy this great tradition.”

They also interviewed her on her thoughts about her upcoming experience to sign in the Super Bowl as well as her previous works.

AOL: What’s your favorite type of music or spoken word to sign?  Amber: Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep,” which I did a music video of some time ago. Available on YouTube. I also like “Believe in Dream.”

The interview, however, was somewhat odd, since majority of the interview was done with a NAD representative rather than Amber herself. Nevertheless, we are excited about the upcoming Super Bowl and thrilled about how ASL and Deaf Culture will be represented in all forms this coming weekend!

*NAD=National Association for the Deaf



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