Deaf Man in Standoff with SWAT ends peacefully.

In a rare event with SWAT, a deaf man has decided to end his pursuit with SWAT. The man became distraught when he found out that his girlfriend was arrested and decided to threaten to kill himself.

According to WFAA: According to Grand Prairie police spokesperson Lyle Gensler, police responded to a domestic situation at the Sugar Creek Apartments in the 900 block of Duncan Perry just after midnight Monday and found a man and a woman – both legally deaf – involved in a dispute outside their apartment. 

Police determined the woman was intoxicated, and she was arrested for public intoxication.
The arrest upset her boyfriend, who called 911 using Texas Relay, a service that provides telephone access for people with speech or hearing loss. He indicated he had a gun and told dispatchers he wanted his girlfriend to be released from custody or he’d kill himself.

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Thomsen Young

Founder of TSG