Official: Margie and Luke Eliminated from The Amazing Race

In this episode, Margie and Luke just never really had a fighting chance. They just couldn’t find a flight to get them where they needed to go to, but was able to get the very last flight to Sri Lanka. Nevertheless, while they knew that they would be eventually eliminated, they did not give up and did what they needed to do to finish the race. Cheers to being on The Amazing Race 24 for the third time and for not giving up!  
Note: We love the Globe Trotters awesome ball-handling skills during this episode. To get the full recap, visit Entertainment Weekly! They also gave Luke a new nickname, “Mr. Moody”. 
Quoted from EW: 

Following last week’s explosive nightclub challenge, in which hearing-impaired Luke smashed a series of glasses and stormed into the bathroom, the mother-son team fell drastically behind during Leg 5 and have been eliminated from the Race. No more Luke antics this week; if anything, once they realized they were the only team flying out of Kuala Lumpur the morning after the beginning of the leg, Mr. Moody deliberately decided to play nice, complimenting the Sri Lanka scenery and copping a “what can you do?” attitude to match his mom’s as they went through the motions. Their inevitable elimination provided for a not-so-exciting leg, but let’s get to it anyway!

We wish you the best of luck in whatever you do next, Mr. Moody!

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