Possible New Hotel in Europe Built Specifically for Deaf Clients

Croatia is on the way to be soon developing Europe’s first ever of its’ kind: A hotel designed for the deaf/hard of hearing. Details of the plan is limited; however, we do know that the hotel will be designed for deaf people and run entirely by a deaf staff. We also do know that they are in the process of looking for “the best location”. 

The Croatian capital of Zagreb is backing a plan to open what they claim will be Europe’s first hotel designed for deaf people – and run entirely by deaf staff. Zagreb mayor Milan Bandic, 58, said he had decided to back the initiative by the local association for deaf people in Croatia, Svijet tisine (World of Silence). The association are still searching for the best location for such a hotel that will also employ deaf people as personnel, reports daily newspaper Vecernji List.

Many questions remains….such as how big will the hotel be? Will the hotel be fundraising additional money to cover additional cost? Will they only be seeking deaf vendors or any kind of vendors? Will they be seeking deaf contractors or bidding for the best contractors? We, at TSG, applaud this effort, but we also hope that the hotel will be in the best interests for visitors all over the world!
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Thomsen Young

Founder of TSG