BizGenius Youth Summer Camp

BizGenius is looking for deaf teens who want to challenge themselves to learn how to start their own businesses and learn from some of the best in the business. You know someone? Share this with them!

1. Give us some background on what kind of camp it is and who the target group is. 
BizGenius Camp is the first youth entrepreneurship summer program at Gallaudet for deaf teens in the 9th to 11th grades. At BizGenius Youth Summer Camp, your Deaf teen will learn how to start a business, develop products, market, and sell, and participate in fun team challenges that pushes them to be creative thinkers. Your Deaf teen will get to see Deaf businesses in action in a guided tour, see the sights in the Nation’s capital, and form life-long connections with fellow BizGenius campers.
2. How was this camp created and how long has it been around? 
BizGenius Camp is an partnership between Gallaudet University and Global Deaf Women, and this summer will be the camp’s first operation. 

3. What is the most exciting and/or impressive thing about the camp and what makes it stand out? 
The most exciting part about our camp are the opportunities that our Deaf campers get to have in seeing Deaf business owners and how they operate their businesses. They will be taken on a guided tour of these businesses, and participate in fun challenges that teaches them how to think like an entrepreneur and what entrepreneurs do in running businesses. 
4. Dates and any separate “sessions”
BizGenius Camp runs from July 26th to August 3rd, 2014. Campers will attend classes hosted by Deaf business owners in the mornings and participate in team challenges in the afternoons. We will also be hosting the Personal Discovery Program, a voluntary ropes course and rock gym, a powerful outdoor experience designed to foster self-discovery, confidence, teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and group processing skills. 
5. Do you already have staff? If yes, how were they selected? If no, what is the selection process and application process for people that might be interested? 
We do have staff on board. They are Deaf business owners that were selected because each has experience in sales, marketing, product development, and financial planning. Our business speakers are Sofia Seitchik of Global Deaf Women, Jane Jonas of Eyeth Studios, David Birnbaum of Birnbaum Interpreting Services, and Travis Dougherty of DeafTV. Our Camp Activity Coordinator is Irina Normatov, and Jon Lenois-Savage is our Visual Media Editor/Producer to teach our Deaf campers how they can use video marketing to sell and promote their products. 

For more information contact Sofia:

Sofia Seitchik,
Business Transformation Coach
Global Deaf Women

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