world’s 1st Deaf Social Mobile App…unlikely.

DeafMo claims to be the first social mobile app for the Deaf Community and for various sign language learners, however, the only problem is that not the entire deaf community is quite, well, not using this app. For obvious reasons, DeafMo is a new app. Quite frankly, people are quite, how do you say it? Yes, quite skeptical about the app.

They have every right to be skeptical about DeafMo. First, DeafMo, since its introduction via Youtube, has only gotten 233 views. That’s since they first introduce the app on May 4, 2014! Extremely low numbers. While YouTube numbers shouldn’t be a factor in whether people should be downloading DeafMo like crazy, we decided to take a look at Apple numbers. That’s right, straight from the source.

Strange thing is though, when we did a Google Search for DeafMo, there wasn’t a website and/or it did not go to Apple Store DeafMo website. Okay, we decided to scratch our heads. We decided to try a different search keyword, “apple store DeafMo” and the first result we got came from….roll the drums! Umm, no. Not their official website. (They need to seriously fix their website domain name. A double www?) And if you check out their terms, well, they are alittle lousy. Back to the search. Not a Apple Store website. Wait for it….even more….yes, that’s right, an IndieGoGo fundraising website.

Okay. So we thought, they must be fundraising very well. Second assumption extremely wrong. Their campaign started on April 25th and closed on May 25th, 2014, three days ago. Guess how much they were able to raise?

Well, let’s put this into prospective: their goal was to raise $6,500.

Did they meet halfway? No.
Did they meet a quarter of their goal? No.
Did they any money at all? Most likely. No. Since they didn’t meet their goal. In fact, they were only able to raise a mere $90!

Now, we’re not trying to downplay or try to make DeafMo look like a mere embarrassment. However,  we do want to bring to your attention that while their idea may or may not have attracted millions of supporters, we are, however, mystified, why they weren’t able to get the funding they needed to be successful? We are also mystified why the deaf community as a whole didn’t come to support this new innovation that would help bring deaf community closer to each other?

DeafMo is a great idea; however, we need some serious Angel investors to seriously re-invest in the deaf community. While DeafMo does need to revise their business plan, they do have some excellent reasons why their apps will make a difference in other peoples lives:

  1. Deaf people love to connect and make new connections! 
  2. Hundreds of thousands of new connections is now possible thanks to GPS technology! 
  3. 360 million people! Deaf! Hard of Hearing! A new friend! A new business partner! The possibilities are endless! 
  4. Excited new learners of ASL, FSL, BSL, and any form of sign language will be able to make new friends instantly. 
  5. There is that slight possibility that this app might change how deaf people meet and how it might bring the community closer together. 
All we’re saying is ask questions. Start a conversation. Question their goals. Question their objectives. Give them feedback. Give them inspiration. Inspire our younger generation to step up and do something big and amazing for the deaf community! 
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Thomsen Young

Founder of TSG