HEARD created the #DeafInPrison Campaign to raise awareness about abuse of & discrimination against deaf prisoners.The Campaign aims to start a national conversation about these concerns and to compel corrective and preventive action.

We are asking that you watch “Deaf In Prison,” then share your reactions, your story, or any information you have on social media using #DeafInPrison. Help us start a national dialogue about deaf and disabled prisoners after you watch this powerful documentary.

This Al Jazeera America exclusive investigation, which originally aired in December 2013, features interviews from HEARD board members Pat Bliss & Talila “TL” Lewis; deaf prisoners from HEARD’s Deaf & Deaf-Blind Prisoner Database, the only national database of deaf prisoners; Felix Garcia, HEARD’s longest-serving deaf wrongfully convicted prisoner; and family members of deaf prisoners.

HEARD worked with Al Jazeera America producers for more than two years on this project & we are humbled and grateful for their support of our efforts.

Please help amplify the Deaf Access to Justice Movement by sharing what you learn and asking others to watch. HEARD is an all-volunteer organization, so please donate to support us if you can.


Website: www.behearddc.org
Facebook: www.facebook.com/HEARDDC
Twitter: www.twitter.com/behearddc
Tumblr: http://hearddc.tumblr.com/

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