Deaf Rapper Freestyles in Sign Language and goes Viral! (explicit sign language)

Sometimes some videos just know how to explain themselves on their own. This video has gone viral and it’s a video of a rapper, according to, is deaf. But get this, he does his rap in freestyle mode and it’s getting tons of attraction. It appears to be done in ASL, but some might dispute that it is ESL. As far as TSG knows, nobody knows who he is. He has already gotten over 487K views and well over, 12K comments from the video. The man did not identify himself in the video and it was posted on by Persist.

TGS does want to caution you that the video has explicit language or rather, explicit American Sign Language. If you know who he is, or how TSG can contact him, please let us know!




Thomsen Young

Founder of TSG
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