First Open Feedback System in the history of the ASL interpreting field created by Linguabee!

Today, Linguabee is releasing the first open feedback system in the history of the ASL interpreting field! What does this mean? Watch the video first.

To keep it simple, Linguabee goal is to maintain control of who their own interpreters are. What this means is that some deaf clients has found a favorite interpreter that is their own “voice”. It also ensures that the personal relationship that a client has with a interpreter is “preferred”. As Linguabee stated in their about page, “traditional interpreting agencies send interpreters with little or no regards for the end-users preferences, and focus mostly on making sure assignments are filled”.

Thus, with most traditional interpreters, there is no feedback system.

Linguabee wants to change all that.

They believe that feedback is important and extremely critical; they think that cutting out the middleman will help them succeed and ensure their growth in whatever they decide to pursue.

Check it out and start giving them feedback!

About Linguabee:

Linguabee was born that day: an online and mobile marketplace where consumers and freelance interpreters could connect on their own terms. The word Linguabee is a combination of lingua, the latin word for language and bee, to represent a bustling community. Linguabee is a people-first, Deaf-owned company. We believe what’s best for the community is also what’s best for the company. The team is Deaf, from engineers to customer care.

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Thomsen Young

Founder of TSG