Interpreter Shows Up at Doctor Appointment and Turns out to be a Fake ASL Interpreter

Yesterday, a vlog was posted called “Fake Interpreter Shows Up at my Doctor’s Appointment”, in which, a quite upset young, African American man by the YouTube name Faiibaii8, shares his story of how an interpreter with very little knowledge of ASL shows up to his Doctor’s Appointment as his interpreter. 
Faiibaii8 made an appointment to see a cardiologist to make sure that his heart was doing well, but was caught off guard when he found out that his interpreter was a fake. Obviously, the interpreter who showed up had no signing skills and Faiibaii8 informed the cardiologist office that the interpreter was “fake” and wanted a professional, qualified interpreter. 
In his vlog, you can visually see how frustrating his experience was and how misinformed and uneducated the cardiologist office were in understanding what services Faiibaii8 needed. Many people via YouTube are upset with the services Faiibaii8 received and suggested from filing a complaint to contacting the Department of Justice to bringing your own tablet and use Sorensen, Purple, or ZVRS services while at the doctor.



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