Young Achievers needs your help!

Young Achievers want to give two Indian Deaf children and their Deaf teacher the chance to attend World Federation of the Deaf Youth Section (WFDYS) Children’s camp in Washington DC in August 2014. This has never been done before and Young Achiever want to make history by making it the first time in history that Deaf children from India will have the opportunity to attend World Federation of the Deaf Youth Section Children’s camp.

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Did you know? 

So far, they have been able to to raise $3,076 out of their $7000 goal.

Their goal is to send two students: Asha Patwal and Himanshu Kharka and their instructor Nitin Gupa to WFDYS camp. These two students are part of what is called Bajaj Instiute of Learning, BIL. BIL is a school that provides free education to children who are deaf that also come from low-income backgrounds.

Young Achievers hope that with your support that these two students will be able to learn from WFDYS camp experience and be able to use what they learned to improve the educational experiences at BIL as well as expand to other Deaf schools in India.

Young Achievers are asking for $7000 and below is why they are asking for that specific amount:

Flight tickets- $3600
Camp Registrations Fees- $450
Indian Passport Fees -$150
US Visa Fees $480
Domestic transportation, food and other expenses – $2320
If you are interested in donating, please donate here.
Enjoy the video below and even if you cannot donate, please share this with your friends and family!

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Thomsen Young

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