What is Pedius?

ON August 7, 2014, Pedius, posted a YouTube video that explains their new product. Pedius is a communication system that allows deaf people in Britain to make phone calls. The video explains that you can use Pedius within your everyday life to making important phone calls to your doctor, bank, and whomever you wish to call and Pedius makes sure that all your communications interactions are private.
Pedius works by downloading the app to your smartphone from either Apple Store or Google Play store. After you have downloaded the app, you will need to register your information in order to log in and use Pedius. (Note: All new users to Pedius will receive £2.00 credit when they register!) Once this is completed, you can start a conversation by either typing or speaking a message. Then, the person you are calling will hear what you spoke (or a computer will translate what was typed), and you will immediately read a transcription of what the other person on the other side said. It is Pedius goal with this technology to give you the freedom to have real-time conversations to anyone you wish to call.
Calling costs the same as an average mobile phone call at 15 pence per minute.
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Thomsen Young

Founder of TSG