ZVRS responds back to Sorenson’s employee

ZVRS posted a video on their Facebook page which counteracts what Sorenson’s employee, Bryan Leeper advocated about #‎VRSInteroperabilityNOW‬. ZVRS posted an official statement in response and use similar format to counteract their statements by use a black sharpie on a white sheet of paper(s). In their video, they stated that some of the facts that Bryan Leeper stated “are not true”. 

The images in the video show how all “videomail” goes to all VRS companies, however, all videomail sent to Sorenson are not “accepted”. 

ZVRS challenges customers’ to do a test and see if their videomail is “accepted” by Sorenson and they will find the “truth”.

Watch the video below!

Here’s the video that started the #VRSInteroperabilityNOW debate:

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