Footage Description: 3 Minute 28 Second video discussing tips that were tweeted by Dream Defenders. Alison (white woman with short spiky brown hair) is wearing a black hooded long sleeved shirt and is sitting in front of wood closet doors.


Video opens with black screen with white text: “Tips for Hosting Community Building Events.” Next shot shows “Signed by Alison” with a line underneath and then “Tips from Dream Defenders”

Alison shows up on screen: “Hey-I wanted to share a few tips with you related to hosting events, like rallies, vigils, etc. The tips come from a really awesome organization based in Florida called Dream Defenders- they sent out a bunch of tweets with these tips (links posted below) and I wanted to share those with you. I think we would all benefit from those tips.

One of the tips: before you host an event make sure the place where you host is accessible. This means that folks who use wheelchairs, older folks who may have specific mobility needs, younger folks, would be able to be involved. Also make sure sign language and tactile interpreters are provided for Deaf and DeafBlind folks.

Another tip is to make sure that you have many different voices represented at the event (speakers). We tend to invite specific speakers (often White Deaf Men), and that isn’t effective. We should be sure to include folks of different faiths, genders, genderqueer folks, LGBTQ folks, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and Peoples of Color). That also means that we need to reach out before the event to different communities outside of our own, make sure that we are including a range of concerns and issues in the event.

Let me check to make sure I’m not overlooking anything… ok yeah make sure during your event you have a sign up sheet ready for folks to write in their names, phone numbers, email so that you can stay in touch. Also make sure that you plan a follow up event, like a teach in (where you have folks come in and sit in while teaching happens- on various topics, such as teaching ASL, or about community organizing or racial justice). There are many more tips out there for hosting events but these are some really important considerations in planning an event.

Last footage- Dream Defender logo and

Link to storify of tweets:

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