#50 on Joe Reddington Top 60 Disability Blogs!

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As of Monday, Feb 9th, 2015! 

TSG was in for a pleasant surprise when it found out that it was on Joe Reddington Top 60 Disability Blogs on the Internet! This is crazy awesome! #deaftalent We are beyond thrilled and excited and hope you are too. TSG has some big plans for the year 2015 and we hope you can join us! We got some big interview coming up soon and we are looking to give you more! For those of you who don’t know much about Joe Reddington, check out this short blurb below!

This is a list of the top 60 disability blogs by traffic ranking. Unlike previous lists this one updates automatically every 24 hours so you see realtime changes.
For those unfamiliar, the rules are these:
To get on this list, there are two conditions: first of all you must be regularly (but not exclusively; many of these bloggers explore a range of topics) posting about some aspect of disability.
The second is pragmatic. For fairness, the blog should be the reason that most people come to your site, not the only reason, but it should be the main one. I have no doubt at all in my mind, that Ouch, is probably the world’s most read disability blog, but I also have no doubt that the main reason that people go to bbc.co.uk is probably not for that blog. So I can’t really use the Alexa bbc.co.uk ranking as a good measurement. Plus I’d like to highlight, independent, unpaid, grassroots blogs. (Disabilitynow is *just* on the right side of this I think, comments welcome…)
I use this list of blogs as the source list. It’s growing and shrinking as the process goes on and it’s now at 364 different sites. If there is a website that should be on that list, please let me know. I’m keen to make this as broad as possible.

Thank you, our readers and our fans, for making TSG one of the top 50 disability blogs to read! 

As of Friday, Feb 6, 2015. 



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