Bankruptcy, Deaf Sister, and Failed Suicide Pact

Jill Blackstone is pictured on the left, her sister, Wendy Blackstone, is pictured on the right with her dog. 
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In the latest twisting story in the suspected murder of Wendy Blackstone by her sister, Jill Blackstone, the is now reporting that the failed suicide pact turned to suspected murder is because of debt. Bankruptcy papers revealed that Blackstone was deep in debt and filed for bankruptcy. Her sister, Wendy, owed $122,000 for a loan that she took out. Both of them were still living in their home even though it was already sold to the new owners and they were waiting for the home to be demolished and rebuilt.
TMZ first reported the story on March 18th when they reported that ‘Jerry Springer’ producer Arrested for Murdering Deaf Sister’. They reported that law enforcement received a call Saturday saying that “a dead person and 3 dead dogs were found in her San Fernando Valley garage”, however, it turns out again, TMZ reporting, that ‘TV Producer Jill Blackstone Cop Think Sister’s Death was a Suicide Pact’.
Jill Blackstone, the “Jerry Springer” and “Sally Jessy Raphael” producer who was arrested for allegedly killing her sister, engineered a suicide pact but got cold feet at the last minute … that’s the operating theory of law enforcement.
Our law enforcement sources tell us, they believe Blackstone and her sister Wendy — who was deaf and partially blind — made the suicide decision and Jill executed the plan by putting a lit BBQ in their closed garage, which was supposed to fill the air with deadly carbon monoxide gas.
Now, according to the, Jill Blackstone was actually $1.4 million in debt, about to lose their home, and living beyond their means. Dailymail detailed some of the financial problems that these two sisters were having. Below are some examples:
But those debts were tiny compared to bank credit cards. She owed more than $27,000 on her Chase MasterCard, the court papers reveal, a further $3,850 on her CitiCard MasterCard, $1,800 on her Credit One MasterCard; $7,400 to GE Care Credit, and nearly $4,000 on two PayPal accounts.
Medical bills too were piling up as she detailed more than $2,800 owed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, a further $13,000 to UCLA Medical Center, $4.300 to a New York orthopedic surgeon, $2,000 to a dentist and $400 to endodontist along with a further $560 owed to the Jules Stein Eye Institute.
Other debts included nearly $5,500 to her accountants, $12,000 for a loan on her 2010 Toyota Prius and more than $1,000 to her lawyer.
For the full details of how they lived beyond their means, please see their article.
Police enforcement has commented to Daily Mail Online that the investigation is still on-going into Wendy’s death and would not comment on whether her money was related to her death or not.
Jill Blackstone was charged with first-degree murder and held on $1 million bail, but she was released from custody yesterday and charges were dropped.
TSG will be watching this case closely, but we wanted to say that we take mental illness and serious financial situation seriously, please contact the Crisis Hotline. There are some great financial resources online to help you if you ever feel like you’re losing control of your finances!
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