Open Letter to Waze

Written by Thomsen Young and you can follow him @

Dear Waze:
I am obsessed with your app, Waze. I downloaded your app on May 13, 2015 and I’m so obsessed with it. When I got to GrownUp Wazer, I couldn’t help myself but do a happy dance! Waze has helped thousands, if not, millions of people everyday to commute around traffic and let them know ahead of time if there’s caution on the road that they need to be aware of. My favorite feature is the ability to find out some of the lowest gas prices in the area as well as to know if there’s some police activity in the area.
However, I feel that this app could be even better. When Waze voice(s) instructions it does it via by audio though the phone. This, in itself, poses a specific problem for me. I am deaf/hard of hearing. Following the arrows on the screen is cool and whatnot, yet, sometimes I miss things or I get distracted by unexpected things. 
Here’s what I’m proposing: when turn by turn instructions come by, can you provide captions for them? Or subtitles? The popups when police are near or when a car is on the side of the road is perfect. So maybe can you add popups for when to turn or when something is coming up? Not only that, but if we could make your app even more accessible by providing bigger text for those who might have slight vision problems or different colors for those who need adjustments based on their disabilities? 
Even better, can you make the phone light flash when an warning is coming up? Since deaf people can’t hear the popup sound, a light would catch our attention faster and quicker to let us know of the potential warning(s). Here’s a wild idea: can you have Lydia Callis or Molly Lou be my favorite Waze ASL interpreter!? 
These are some of my ideas of how you can make Waze even better and more accessible for people who are deaf/hard of hearing and if you want to contact me, feel free to use the contact button on the right side of this page! 
Sincerely a (newbie) Wazer fan! 




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