Murderer of National Deaf Poker Tour Champion Still-At Large in Las Vegas


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According to, Matthew Pitt wrote that a deaf poker player Jonathan Cyril Collins murderer is still at-large and police in Nevada are still hunting for the gunman that killed him in his car on May 11th, 2015.

Matthew writes,

“According to police reports, Collins and his girlfriend, Julie Kneisel, drove from Blue Earth County in Minnesota to Colorado in an attempt to purchase 10 pounds of marijuana. When that particular deal fell through, they drove to Las Vegas to meet a man known only as “Richard,” who Collins had known for around three years, to make the purchase.

Collins and Kneisel arrived in Las Vegas in the afternoon of May 11 and were joined by “Richard” and an unnamed man. Then, the foursome drove to the parking lot of 625 South Royal Crest Circle near Twain and Swenson shortly after 2 p.m.

As Collins attempted to get out of the car, the unnamed man fired one round into Collins’ side before he and “Richard” fled the scene. Collins died shortly after being taken to Sunrise Hospital. The alleged gunman is still at large.

Kneisel, Collins’ girlfriend, told detectives that the gunman also attempted to shoot her, but she managed to swat away his hand as he took aim. Police reported finding $7,880 in a duffel bag in the trunk of Collins’ car and believe the Minnesota couple were caught up in a botched robbery for this substantial sum of cash.”

Police arrested one of the suspect on May 28, 2015, a Rufus Anthony Smith III who was identified as “Richard”. He will be arranged to face trial on July 5 and will face a preliminary hearing and will be prosecuted for murder, conspiracy and kidnapping charges.

Again, we state that while one of the suspect has been caught, the other “unknown” suspect is still At-Large and please forward any information and/or tips to the Nevada or Las Vegas police.

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