HEARD needs your help in supporting our Louisiana volunteers develop Louisiana’s first Reentry program for Incarcerated /Returned Deaf, Deaf Blind, Deaf Disabled, and Hard of Hearing (DDBDDHH) people.
Please take a brief moment to fill out the survey below. The information collected from this survey will provide Louisiana volunteers with data about Reentry and your experiences being incarcerated, returning back to society, working in the prison as a volunteer or employee, and/or your experience having a family member incarcerated/returned.
This important data will not only help Louisiana develop a successful reentry model within their state, but hopefully also serve as a model that other states can implement as well.

The link to the survey is bit.ly/deafreentry

Deadline for submissions: 12 Noon, Mon., Aug 15, 2015

Please share widely. Share on social media using hashtags:
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