Hello, my name is Estina Beldon. I am an intern at HEARD organization. Right now, HEARD is putting their focus on one issue that they named called #PhoneJustice. Now, most prisoners are poor. Most prisoners have children. There are 2.7 million children of prisoners. Now, how will the children and families support themselves and collect calls from prisoners? This is a big issue today. Now, the FCC will be hosting a public vote related with phone services and the reformation for the prison system including reduced rates, no additional fees, and more. HEARD is involved in this because they are trying to fight this for 3 years for the deaf prisoners and disabled to equalize communication in phones. The ADA 25th anniversary occurred recently and yet the prisoners and the phone services are not equal. The public voting will occur on October 22nd at 10:30 A.M. It is located at 445 12st SW Washington, D.C. in the FCC building. We still need YOU! How you can support this issue? By attending to the public vote, using the hashtags: #PhoneJustice and #DeafInPrison and people will notice, and share this video. Share this information to others. Share the importance of this issue. Spread awareness.

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