The Impairment Identity


I realize that a lot of people use the label “Hearing Impaired” to describe their own hearing difference. I have no intentions of making those people feel bad about themselves nor do I condemn the use of the word “impaired” by D/deaf and Hard of Hearing people. My frustration lies within the negative connotations of the word “impairment” reinforced by society at large. I want to break down those negative images and let it be known that regardless of one’s hearing condition, they are not broken people. They do not need to be fixed nor treated as less than human.

In this video I discuss my personal opinions toward the label of “Hearing Impairment” and why it doesn’t work for me (and many others). Also, I address the issues of Hearing people portraying D/deaf and Hard of Hearing people and how this creates a false image of who D/deaf and HOH people really are and what they go through.

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