i was so excited to make this i think i may have messed up some signs.. haha ALSO it was freezing! happy new years Tacolovers!
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ASL Music Videos! (American Sign Language)

okay okay.. i know this looks bad, i have Bruno Mars song in my video, but i do not want to make money or any stealing, this is not my music and the original owner is this awesome guy! Bruno Mars https://www.youtube.com/user/ElektraRecords
who i hope to meet one day.. i want to sign music for you and help entertain other people and i really enjoy it.. sorry Bruno, but i hope you like it, its the only way i can get your attention. haha

if any comments email me at tacolover594@gmail.com

well Tacolovers, me and Richard sure enjoyed signing this for you.

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don’t forget the #TACOLOVERSNATION




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