Alison shares information about Cervical Cancer Awareness month (ASL Version of posting on Facebook).

Did you know that this month is Cervical Health Awareness Month?

Cervical cancer is sometimes linked to a Sexually Transmitted Infection called HPV (Human PappilomaVirus). HPV can be spread during sexual intercourse and also through skin-to-skin contact.

Getting regular STI tests and getting screened for Cervical Health issues during a Pap Smear can go a long way to catching any problems early!

Check out:…/spe…/cervical-health-awareness-month for some information about Cervical Cancer.

You can get STI tests and Pap Tests here at Family Tree Clinic! They are awesome about providing ASL interpreters if needed. Plus you can (if you want) stop in and see us too!! We love visitors!!

Family Tree Clinic is located at: 1619 Dayton Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55104. The clinic is in Suite #205. Our office (DDBHH Program) is in Suite #203.

Come on over!

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