[Footage: Video of Alison (white signing woman with chin length brown hair, wearing a blue-grey long sleeved sweater) narrating information about a recent meeting. Alison is seated against wood closet doors and to her right is a light colored wall with a poster on it.]

Alison: Hi. So in the previous video I discussed the recent task force meeting that I attended. Now, at the end of that same meeting, a lawyer from the Minnesota Disability Law Center shared with us a draft for a potential bill that is currently making rounds and may end up in legislature.

The bill is being put together by folks from Southern Minnesota- a group that includes people who are involved with the Chamber of Commerce. It has to do with statues related to Public Accommodations. They are attempting to make it more difficult for people who have disabilities to sue related to ADA violations.

This is not good at all. We don’t want that to go through!

From what I can tell, it looks like the proposed statue will be somewhere in the area of 363A.331in the Minnesota statues.

Now, I don’t fully understand all the details of this possible bill, but it is concerning. And it is being discussed. It appears that the person who is interested in co-sponsoring the bill is Representative Smith. If you have concerns or want to know more, or want to share your thoughts— you can either contact Adan Burke (MADC President) or the Minnesota Council on Disabilities— they appear to be involved in trying to put a stop to this bill.

I thought it was important to share— so that you can keep an eye on this as well.

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