Student Life Team opens the weekly department meeting to the community.

Captions provided. Watch in high definition.

Video description:

[Student Life Team logo on screen, with abbreviations “SLT” surrounded by four crescent shapes and circles, two colored red and two colored black]

[Video cuts to Jessica Hurd, a black woman wearing glasses and a black shirt. She is standing in front of a table and the background is a whiteboard.]

Hello! Guess what? Starting now, the Student Life Team department meeting, on Monday nights, is open to the community. So, come join us at 8-10 p.m. in LBJ 2590. [Gives thumbs-up sign. Astrid Jones, a black man with a dark sweater, walks next to Jessica.]

[Camera pans around to more than 20 seated people waving their hands in the air.]

[Video cuts to the title “Student Life Team Department Meeting 8-10 p.m. Mondays LBJ 2590”]

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