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Video description:

[Student Life Team logo on screen, with abbreviations “SLT” surrounded by four crescent shapes and circles, two colored red and two colored black. Caption below says “Student Life Team.”]

[Video cuts to ghostly hand banging in the letters “S,” “L,” and “T.” Franly and Tina approach the hand.]

Franly: Did you hear that?

Tina: I don’t know what it is.

[Tina opens door. Eric walks out.]

Eric: Apply now.

[Eric collapses on the ground.]

[Video cuts to Franly pushing a cart where Eric suddenly pops out.]

Eric: SLT!

[Franly gasps.]

[Video cuts to Franly and Tina leading a group of zombies marching in the SLT office. Camera pans to Caro.]

Caro: So many applications!

[Camera pans to wall. Eric suddenly pops out.]

Eric: SLT!

[Video cuts to Priscilla banging on a table.]

Priscilla: Did you know that the SLT application deadline is this Friday. Hurry up!

[Video cuts to Lenesha turning away as Eric suddenly pops out.]

Eric: SLT!

[Video cuts to Franly turning away as Eric suddenly pops out.]

Eric: SLT!

[Video cuts to Eric tapping Jon.]

Eric: SLT!

Jon: What’s SLT?

Eric: Over there!
[Jon walks over to SLT recruitment poster.]

Jon: Apply now!

[Video cuts to Ben getting a free smoothie from Eric.]

Eric: SLT!

Ben: Apply now!

[Video cuts to title “Student Life Team / Apply by 4:30 p.m. Friday, March 4]

[Video cuts to title “Questions? Stop by our office!”]

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