This week we posted an update about Felix Garcia in English on our Facebook page. Our intern Wally provides an ASL summary of that information.

The transcript of Wally’s intro and outro aree below & you can visit this link to read the english version of the update from Pat–which was too long to paste here: https://www.facebook.com/HEARDDC/posts/1157335344311968

Visual Information: Young white male with a short beard and goatee is wearing a black trench coat over a black printed shirt while standing in front of a white board.

1st part of video

Hello Everyone
My name is Wally Pacut. I am with HEARD.
I want to tell you the update about Felix Garcia.
He has been in prison for many years.
Now he has moved to VA from FL.
The process is called Interstate Compact
It means that prisons were running by states, expect the federal prisons.
When someone such as inmates or their love ones make a request to their state Dept. of Correctional have an inmate transfer to other prison.
Once the state has looking and found other state prison to be transferred the inmate.
Both parties must have their governors to give a permission to do it.
That what have happened to Felix
Some of you find that the news is great.
But He have been suffered too many serious safety issues such as life threaten.
He has to get out of the danger situation.
He transferred while other deaf inmate, again deaf inmate from VA have moved to FL.
Felix moved to VA and relief there while other deaf inmate being moved out.
Does this make things better? No!
It make no difference. But for him, yes.
Next part of video, I will summary what his advocator, Pat Bliss wrote the letter about.

2nd part: Pat Letter. See link.

3rd part
This letter might show you that Felix seem to be happy. Now remember that many deaf, coda, deaf plus and deafblind inmates across USA have suffered.
I want to impress you that he transferred to VA which could be great.
But other deaf inmate have transferred to FL which might will be suffer the worst.
Really, the transferring is not the answer.
The answer is to provide them a equal access to phone, interpreting services and more.
To provide them a equal access might will make things better.
Now, we the HEARD want you to continue watching our updates.
We want you to go to your legislators, family, friends and any people to share with others about how much disability people have suffering the injustice in CJ system.

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