HIRUNI: I won, yes!

HIRUNI: I’m really excited, because I’ve never been here before. This is a big opportunity for me, to come here.

SAVANNAH: I’m so excited for tomorrow!

NILUKA: I’m happy. This is my first time here. When Hiruni won, I couldn’t believe it.

ROBERTA: The truth is they’re all winners. Just, wow. Help other parents with Deaf children and help their children have dreams, and then make them come true.

HIRUN TO SAVANNAH: Hollywood’s a cool place.

SAVANNAH: How did I feel when I won the 48-hour challenge?

HIRUNI: There were many good, good, good submissions out there.

SAVANNAH: I was anxious and unsure about who would win.

HIRUNI: I thought that I wouldn’t be one of the finalists.

SAVANNAH: When I saw Hiruni win, I wanted to congratulate her. I felt happy that she won.

HIRUNI: Then after that, when Savannah’s video popped up, I was so thrilled that it was her! Because I know her!


SAVANNAH TO HIRUNI: We’re almost there, yes!

HIRUNI: You feel nervous or not? I do, I feel nervous. I feel like there are bats in my stomach.

SAVANNAH: Oh yeah, I think there’s more than a thousand.

SAVANNAH: I wonder when Nyle will go—first, second, third, or so?

HIRUNI: I don’t know, but I hope that he’ll win first place.

NYLE: I look different, right?

SAVANNAH: Yeah, of course.

NYLE: You enjoying L.A., California so far? Is it your first time here?

HIRUNI: Yes, it’s my first time.

SAVANNAH: I think maybe it’s my second time.

NYLE: This mask was put over my head. I refused to shave my head. My hair’s too dear to me. Your hair’s dear to you, too, right?


NYLE: I was talking with my partner, Peta, about the Mask. Looks like that gave them the idea to assign it to me. I’m like, perfect. That’s my favorite movie.

NYLE: You both did a great job! I was super impressed.


NYLE: In the entertainment world, there are usually trailers.

SAVANNAH: Oh, but where is Peta’s?

NYLE: Peta has a trailer of her own, another one over there.

SAVANNAH: I’m really excited. You can see “Dancing with the Stars” right over there!

Hiruni and Savannah do a 1-10 ASL story for Nyle:
1 – Only/Always
2 – Watch
3 – Nyle!
4 – Audience watch
5 – Audience cheering
6 – Goosebumps
7 – Dancing
8 – Smooth
9 – Judges
10 – Give you 10’s!

NYLE: Yes! Thank you.

NYLE: The room looks smaller than you thought, right? It’s not that big. On TV, it looks big.
NYLE: I wish you all could go in, but they’re having a serious rehearsal.

SAVANNAH: Do they practice until midnight?

NYLE: I think so, yeah!

NYLE: It’s tough work, rehearsing and practicing consistently. I’m exhausted, but I just keep going. Tonight, I’m gonna sleep.

HIRUNI: Whoa, this was amazing and exciting. I really enjoyed myself. We both did! We liked Nyle’s dance, it was cool!

NILUKA: Wanna stay longer?

HIRUNI: Yes, more! One week!

NILUKA: One week and you’ll miss it even more!

HIRUNI TO SAVANNAH: I will miss L.A. Hollywood.

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