SHARE: Veditz Then and Now

This video was created by Jr. NAD members during the 2015 Jr. NAD National Conference in Orlando, Florida.

TEXT-ON-SCREEN: Black background appears with white text, Produced by the National Association of the Deaf scrolling down.

Yellow text appears Jr. then disappears.

White text appears and scrolls down, Preservation of the Sign Language by George W. Veditz / Original 1913 /Reprint 1934 then fades.

A woman sits by a wall in a black and white effect: Hello! We will translate from an old version of ASL to current version of ASL.

Fades fast.

Another woman is present. Hello everyone, I am George Veditz.

Fades into a screen, which three things are happening at once.

George Veditz is shown, signing from his video.

In the upper right corner shows a small screen of overlapped participants taking turns signing the current version of ASL.

Meanwhile, white subtitles are shown on the bottom translating what is being signed:

They do not understand sign because they cannot sign. So they proclaim that signs are worthless, and of no help to the Deaf. As long as we have Deaf people on earth, we will have signs. And as long as we have our films, we will be able to preserve our beautiful signs in their old purity. I hope we all will love and protect our beautiful sign language as the noblest gift that God has given to the Deaf.

Fades. White text appears Produced by the Jr. NAD.

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