2 eliminated on Dancing with the Stars this week

“Dancing with the Stars” Icon Night happened to also be a double-elimination night! The dancing was phenomenal and Team Dances premiered! Fun night on the dance floor!

Jodie Sweetin kicked off the night with a sweet Quickstep. She looked relaxed and like she was enjoying herself, which was a huge change from last week’s intensity. 26 for Jodie!

Kim Fields nailed her Samba with Sasha Farber. She came out and said, “Judges be damned!” She totally kicked it up a notch after last week’s disappointment. I did not see one hiccup or missed step. Her energy was way up and her cute pixie cut turned her age back 20 years. She finally got 9s! 27.

Nyle DiMarco got knocked off his pedestal last week and came back beyond stronger this week. His Quickstep with Peta Murgatroyd was magical. They were a perfect unit and full of grace. And just like that, he’s back on top with a 28. Nice work, Nyle!

Antonio Brown dedicated a little more time to his rehearsals this week, but his Tango didn’t reflect that in his footwork. He definitely has the heart, but he needs get on point technically. 24 for Antonio.

Wanya Morris and Lindsay Arnold performed the cutest Foxtrot. The concept was adorable and wholesome. Len nailed it when he said it was full of “whimsy and joy”. Couldn’t have said it better myself, Len. 27.

Ginger Zee’s Viennesse Waltz with Val Chmerkovskiy was gorgeous. The choreography was beautiful. They both lived up to the character of the dance and they hit perfection. They all knew it was coming. Perfect score for Ginger, first perfect score of the season! 30!

Man! Von Miller was crushing his Elvis-inspired Salsa with Witney Carson, but got a little off step toward the end. Dang! Their lifts were unbelievable and the commitment was there. Von was a ton of fun. The judges had such glowing words, I was expecting higher than the 24 they gave him.

Paige VanZant’s Jive with Mark Ballas was RIDICULOUS. I don’t think I can put it into words. Paige is a natural. I don’t know if turns are super easy, but she makes them look effortless. She was unbelievable. She is a UFC fighter and is rivaling the pro dancers. There. I said it. Get it, Paige! 30 30 30!!!!

Team dances have so much potential. They are usually show stoppers. This is the first season that they pitted the men against the women, James Brown vs. Beyonce. It had the makings of quite the showdown, but ultimately, the men stole the show.

The guys got together and performed to a James Brown Medley. Everything worked. They pulled together as a team and performed the heck out of it.

The ladies got together and had all sorts of swagger, but didn’t really back it up. Their performance was lacking technically. Surprising.

Ultimately Kim and Von got the boot and I found it shocking. Then I thought, “Well, who should have gotten the boot?” and I don’t know! The competition has really tightened up, so its anyone’s game. On to next week!

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2 eliminated on Dancing with the Stars this week

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