Councillor Calls On City To Support Local Specialized Schools

A motion headed to a city committee calls on councillors to stand in solidarity with local schools that work with students with special needs.

Ward two Councillor Bill Armstrong submitted a motion to the Community and Protective Services Committee that will be considered on Wednesday. It asks his colleagues to support keeping Robarts School for the Deaf and Amethyst Demonstration School open.

Many across the province fear these types of schools will be shut down in the wake of the 2012 Drummond Report which recommended moving enrolled students into mainstream schools.

Armstrong says in his letter the closure of the schools would have social and economic impacts at the local level. He notes the City of Belleville has already passed a similar motion, calling for its area demonstration school to stay open.

Wednesday’s meeting of the Community and Protective Services Committee begins at 4 p.m.

In April, Education Minister Liz Sandals announced the government would resume the admissions process for the province’s demonstration schools for the upcoming school year after a period of time when applications weren’t being accepted.

New Democrat MPP Lisa Gretzky tabled a motion at Queen’s Park last month asking the province to recognize the importance of the provincial and demonstration schools and commit to their future.

The motion was defeated by a vote of 44-36, with both Premier Kathleen Wynne and Deputy Premier and London North Centre MPP Deb Matthews voting against it.

Councillor Calls On City To Support Local Specialized Schools

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