Deaf students gain real-world experience and lend a helping hand

Students in the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind Building a Tradesman (BAT) Program participated in their second Habitat for Humanity build April 13.

BAT teacher Randall Hancock supervised his cohort of students as they painted, used power tools, stained window frames, moved appliances and installed lattices under the porch of a unique century-old home.

As they were trained to do, Hancock’s students wore proper safety gear including safety glasses and gloves.

The Deaf High School student roster for this build included Edgar Garnica, Alex Wallace, Quindale Holmes, Garret Rahn, Taylor Lufkin and Chris Weber.

Through an interpreter, BAT students expressed their appreciation for the authentic setting of Habitat for Humanity builds where they can put their classroom lessons and skill sets to use.

“We’re actually working on a house,” said Alex Wallace of Palm City, “It’s not easy, but I’m learning for the future. It’s a good experience!”

While circulating around the site helping students, the Habitat for Humanity crew gave some background on the house.

The family due to move in has completed their required volunteer hours and was given the choice between a new Habitat home and this historic renovated home. The renovated home contains unique features, such as a toggle-switch panel with mother-of-pearl inlay, and a claw foot tub. Upkeep of these will keep the family busy.

Deaf students gain real-world experience and lend a helping hand

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