Def Leppard meets Arkansas' Deaf Leopards

LITTLE ROCK — Rock band Def Leppard joined Wednesday with students from the Arkansas School for the Deaf in posing for a photo with a reproduction of the school’s scoreboard, which reads, “Arkansas School for the Deaf Leopards.”

The Leopards has been the school’s team nickname since before Def Leppard was formed, but the similarity between the nickname and the band’s name has long been a source of humor to Little Rock residents. Earlier this year, Cary Tyson, a program officer at the Winthrop Rockefeller Institute, started a petition calling on Def Leppard to pose with the scoreboard when it came to Central Arkansas.

The band was unable to fit a visit to the school into its schedule, but it agreed to meet students at the concert venue, Verizon Arena in North Little Rock. The band posted the photo to Twitter on Wednesday night with the comment, “Arkansas’ Deaf Leopards — Thanks for coming out to the show!”

Def Leppard meets Arkansas’ Deaf Leopards

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