Eh Wah: Deaf senior 'dedicated to soccer'

New York State School for the Deaf senior Eh Wah is a well-rounded student who has distinguished himself as a leader among his classmates and soccer teammates. While Wah takes pride in his work at Price Chopper in Utica – he plans to continue his work there after graduation – it’s his participation in soccer that is a driving force in his life.

How long have worked at Price Chopper, and what do you do there? Also, what have you learned from your experience there that might help you in the rest of your life?

I have worked at Price Chopper since November 2015. At Price Chopper, I collect shopping carts, empty the recycling machines, empty garbage cans, fill the shopping baskets and do light cleaning at the entrances and in the bathroom. If my supervisor asks me to do other things, I do. I have learned that it is fun to earn money! I have learned that I need to be responsible by being on time and completing everything I need to do as part of my job.

You wrote a lot about soccer in your student statement. Why does the game mean so much to you that you are “dedicated to playing soccer,” as you wrote?

I love soccer. I made a lot of friends while playing soccer. It is something that I am successful with, and that feels good. Communicating is difficult for me, but sports is something that I am good at. I am quick.

You also are involved with the bell choir. It must have been exciting to perform the national anthem at Syracuse men’s basketball games and AHL games. How does a student bell choir work at a school for the deaf?

Bell choir is an extracurricular activity offered at NYSSD. All of the students are deaf, yes. We have a conductor to cue us, and our songs have the music printed on a poster to read, too. The music notes on the poster are color-coded. The colors help me understand when to ring my bell. The conductor cues us and helps us follow the written music notes.

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Eh Wah: Deaf senior ‘dedicated to soccer’

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