Ginger Zee vs. Paige VanZant! Val Chmerkvoskiy And Mark Ballas' 'Dancing With The Stars …

Ginger Zee, Val Chmerkvoskiy, Paige VanZant and Mark Ballas were amazing on Week 7 of Dancing With The Stars! Week 7 was Icons Night where the partners danced to songs from musical icons.

However, they also had to do a team dance on DWTS. And for the first time, it was men against women. Week 7 was huge. Not only was there a double elimination, but we also got the first perfect scores of the season!

Jodie Sweetin and Keo Motsepe were up first with a quickstep to Stevie Wonder. They were pretty discouraged by their scores. So they worked on their frames and arms. Jodie was still hurting, though.

Their quickstep was sweet and romantic. Len Goodman said they committed and didn’t hold back, though they had some mistakes. Bruno Tonioli said Jodie seemed like she was “on wings.” Finally, Carrie Ann Inaba loved their “aura.” Then she called out Keo for messing up while Jodie was the one on time. They got a 26! Jodie was so stoked.


Kim Fields and Sasha Farber were up next on Dancing With The Stars. They were determined to make a comeback after their upsetting scores last week. Kim was pissed about the scores. They got to dance to the Jackson 5, though. Kim had been friends with Janet and worked with one of them. And their samba was really fun. They even used blacklights.

Bruno called Kim “glory.” Carrie Ann said that Kim brought her A-game because she was pissed at them. Finally, Len said that it was Kim’s best dance. They got a 27. That was their highest score so far.

Nyle DiMarco and Peta Murgatroyd were assigned “Beautiful Day” by U2 on DWTS. They were determined to come back after Nyle’s comments about being as good as Val Chmerkovskiy weren’t taken well. They wanted to prove he was a good dancer. And they definitely did with their foxtrot. It was incredible. After some scoring confusion, they got a 28!


Antonio Brown and Sharna Burgess were up next with a dance to the Rolling Stones on DWTS. They were coming off a real high from last week. They even stayed in L.A. this week so they could work harder. Antonio and Sharna’s tango was so dramatic and intense.

The crowd went wild. Len liked the attitude, but there were a bunch of mistakes throughout the dance. Bruno said Antonio “awakened your dramatic persona,” but he kept getting his footwork wrong. Finally, Carrie Ann said Antonio needed to slow down and finish his moves. They got a 24.

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Wanya Morris and Lindsay Arnold were up next on DWTS. They struggled this week because Wanya had a really busy schedule. Still, their foxtrot to Aretha Franklin was so cute and fun! They got a 27.

Ginger Zee and Val Chmerkovskiy then danced to Whitney Houston on Dancing With The Stars. The pressure was on after last week’s scores and Val was being really hard on Ginger. Eventually, he told her she was doing great and not to let him ruin this for her. But their hard work paid off. Their Viennese waltz was beautiful. They got a huge reaction from the crowd. And the judges all loved it. They got a 30. It was the first perfect score of the season!


Von Miller and Witney Carson were up next with a dance to Elvis Presley. They decided to kick things up notch by adding some crazy lifts. So did it work? Their salsa was so much fun! Len said it was like a pizza “crusty on the base, but tasty on top.” He loved the lifts. Bruno was terrified during the lifts, though. “It was different, but very, very effective,” he said. Carrie Ann said it was “rough around the edges,” but loved seeing a new side to Von. They got a 24.

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Paige VanZant and Mark Ballas ended the first round with a dance to Tina Turner. Paige was feeling really insecure after being in jeopardy last week. But she and mark came back with an incredible, energetic jive. They didn’t miss a step. They got a perfect 30!

Finally, it was time for the team dances on Dancing With The Stars. The men’s team, Team James Brown, was up first. Nyle and Wanya both struggled during rehearsals. Their dance was a lot of fun, though. They really came together as a group, but all got their moments in the spotlight too. They got a 28 with a 10 from Bruno.


The women’s team, Team Beyoncé, ended Week 7 of DWTS. The women were not feeling confident during rehearsals and the guys had basically taken over. But they came together in the end. They definitely did Beyoncé justice during their dance. However, they made some mistakes. They got a 25.

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Then it was time for the double elimination on DWTS Kim and Sasha, Wanya and Lindsay, and Von and Witney were in jeopardy. Kim and Sasha and Von and Witney were eliminated.


Here were five of the best dances:

1. Nyle DiMarco And Peta Murgatroyd

Nyle DiMarco and Peta Murgatroyd had to come back after their disappointing scores last week on DWTS. Nyle felt terrible about the comments he made comparing himself to Val because he didn’t want to seem cocky.

Nyle and Peta’s foxtrot to U2 was amazing! Peta stripped it down to show off Nyle’s skills. And it worked. Carrie Ann said she loved it and they definitely came back from last week. Len said Nyle’s butt stuck out and his shoulders got hunched, but Nyle climbs mountains. Finally, Bruno said they brought lyricism and romance into it. And he loved how dedicated they were. They got a 28 after Bruno accidentally wrote nine instead of 10.

2. Ginger Zee And Val Chmerkovskiy

Ginger Zee and Val Chmerkovskiy were really determined to do better than last week on DWTS and Val was being really demanding. Eventually, Val told her not to let him ruin the experience for her.

But Ginger and Val’s hard work paid off. Their Viennese waltz to Whitney Houston was so sweet and beautiful. The crowd went wild on DWTS. Even Carrie Ann screamed out loud. She “burst into tears” during the dance.  Len called it “a cool breeze on warm summer’s day.” Finally, Bruno said they had content, style and interpretation. It was Ginger’s best dance. They got a perfect 30!

3. Paige VanZant And Mark Ballas

Paige VanZant and Mark Ballas had to recover from being in jeopardy last week on DWTS and Paige was feeling really insecure. “I want to show girls everywhere that you can do anything you want and just to have confidence in yourself,” Paige said.

Paige and Mark’s jive was amazing on DWTS! It was so fun and energetic. They even did a cool cartwheel move. They got the biggest reaction from the crowd! Even Bruno stood up. Bruno loved how hot it was and it was so technical and difficult. Carrie Ann called it “ridiculous.” Finally, Len said it was “UFC: Under Full Control.” They got a perfect 30!

4. Team James Brown

The men’s team on DWTS was Team James Brown. Wanya was confident they were going to win the challenge. Wanya had to miss a rehearsal, though. And Nyle did struggle learning the dance with a whole group. Wanya then struggled when he got back.

Team James Brown was amazing on DWTS though. It was big, bright and fun. And each pair got their moment to shine. Len said the whole night was amazing and it was incredible that they learned both these dances for the week. Bruno loved that they really got James Brown, but they also brought in their own personalities. Finally, Carrie Ann said they were completely in sync despite being so different. Nyle messed up for a moment, but the rest of them adjusted to his speed. They got a 28.

5. Team Beyoncé

Team Beyoncé struggled a bit on DWTS. The women were uncomfortable making suggestions, and the men basically took over. They were completely shut out. Then they saw Team James Brown’s dance and got worried. So the women decided this was Team Beyoncé and they had to take charge for her sake. In the end, they all got it together.

Team Beyoncé crushed their dance on DWTS. They totally embodied Beyoncé. But there were some issues. Bruno loved the “girl power” and that there were so many different “moods and situations,” but they lost sync. Carrie Ann said they all brought their “nasty game” and they challenged themselves.

However, there were some mistakes. Finally, Len said he had no clue who was going to win the mirror ball because “the competition is just fantastic.” They got a 25.

What was your favorite dance? Let us know your take in the comments section below!

Ginger Zee vs. Paige VanZant! Val Chmerkvoskiy And Mark Ballas’ ‘Dancing With The Stars …

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SG Mission: to serve our viewers by providing reliable, valuable, and important Deaf community oriented information in every newcast.