Hearing aids: the latest in technology

Steffler Hearing Aid Service of Guelph carries the latest technology in hearing aids and assistive hearing devices. They can help you choose the right type of hearing aid for your needs, fit your new hearing aid, and provide maintenance services. The Steffler family has been offering these services for more than 23 years. They are committed to helping those with hearing loss.

Hearing aids have several component parts that function together to improve your hearing. A microphone picks up sound from the environment, which is then analyzed by a processing chip, which can be either analogue or digital. The processed sounds are sent to an amplifier, which is tuned to your specific needs. Those amplified sounds are sent to a loudspeaker, which transmits them into the inner ear. Those sound vibrations are then sent to the brain, where they are experienced as sound.

Today’s hearing aids are small and extremely efficient. They are lightweight and very comfortable, and run on small button-type batteries. There are four main types: behind the ear, mini behind the ear (or on the ear), in the ear and invisible in the ear. Some of these require an ear mould. Others, called open fit, have a small tube that enters the ear canal. The type that will be best for you depends on a number of factors, but the experienced Hearing Instrument Specialists at Steffler Hearing Aid Service can explain all the features of each type and recommend one that will fit your needs.

You can purchase from Steffler Hearing Aid Service with confidence because of their 30-day trial period and their warranty — three years for repair and two years for loss or damage. They will also provide a three-year supply of batteries. All maintenance, servicing and follow-ups extend for the life of the warranty.

Don’t let hearing loss affect your enjoyment of life. Call Steffler Hearing Aid Service at 519-823-8235 to make an appointment. Visit their website at www.stefflerhearing.comto learn more.

Hearing aids: the latest in technology

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