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Did you know that you could suffer hearing loss because of your job?
Well, a government study found that was the case for workers exposed to loud noises.
When they broke it down… the mining sector had the highest rates of hearing impaired workers… at 17-percent loss… followed by the construction sector at 16… and manufacturing industries at 14-percent loss.
Public employees… police, fire, and e-m-s… had the lowest prevalence of hearing impairment among Americans working in noisy professions.

If you’re going to a loud concert… wearing earplugs can help prevent temporary hearing loss.
Since there’s been new studies showing a 31-percent increase in hearing loss among teens over the past two decades, researchers in the Netherlands assigned a group of young adults attending an outdoor music festival to either wear earplugs or go without them.
Hearing tests after the concert showed only eight percent of the earplug group had hearing loss … compared to 42-percent in the unprotected group.
People who wore earplugs were also less likely to have ringing in their ears.

And listening to music can not only be soothing to babies, but it can also help promote brain function.
This video clip from the institute for learning and brain sciences shows what babies in a music group experienced during their play sessions.
Researchers led a small group of babies and their parents through activities that included tapping out beats in time with music.
After a month, the babies displayed stronger cognitive responses to disruptions in both music and speech.   
Experts say these findings suggest that the children were able improve their ability to interpret patterns in sounds through these music sessions.

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Hearing Health

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