Hearing loss is a common birth defect, affecting nearly 3 in 1,000 babies – about 12,000 total – born each year in America. From small beginnings, the Children’s Choice for Hearing and Talking—Sacramento (CCHAT) now provides programs and support services for more than 165 children with hearing disabilities across our region.

For families in the greater Sacramento area and Central Valley, CCHAT provides services for children with hearing loss, birth to third grade, to learn to listen and talk.

CCHAT is one of many nonprofits in the Sacramento region taking part in Tuesday’s Big Day of Giving (Big DoG) event.

“With over 50,000 annual births in the nine counties typically served by CCHAT, newborn hearing screening will identify approximately 150 newborns with significant hearing loss who need to be linked with an early intervention program like CCHAT as quickly as possible,” organizers said in a press statement for Big DoG.

Founded in 1996 with 12 students, CCHAT currently serves more than 165 children through its network of center-based programs and mainstream support services, organizers said. The Center provides all services at no cost to those being served.

Programs vary, depending on the level of need the child requires, organizers said. While at CCHAT, children who are deaf and hard of hearing learn to listen and develop spoken language with the help of digital hearing aids and implant technology. The programs work to promote communication in its various forms to help the children not only learn to become competent oral communicators, but to comfortably segue into the day-to-day types of conversations those without hearing disabilities take for granted.

Donations to the center will help fund provide further access to the programs, improve daily speech therapy sessions and classroom instruction.

The Big DoG 24-hour online give-a-thon is working with more than 570 nonprofit organizations throughout a four-county region. Starting at 12 a.m. on Tuesday, donors can give directly to the nonprofit organization of their choice, adding to the total amount of donations. With a few clicks, donors can find a charity of their choice and donate. Learn more about BIG DoG Sacramento at http://bigdayofgiving.org.

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How your Big DoG donations can help children with hearing loss

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