Letter: Noise pollution is a problem in Fargo

Letter: Noise pollution is a problem in Fargo

Fargo ND 101 5th Street North 58102


A recent letter deplored the noisy vehicles on Fargo streets. This situation seems to occur all over the FM area. On a walk recently a car went by with a muffler cutout. When he floored the accelerator it sounded like a machine gun. I jumped of course and I could see the driver laughing as he saw my reaction. I’m elderly and have hearing loss but not as bad as most of you.

I recently discussed this with a Fargo policeman. I asked if Fargo had noise ordinances and he said yes. I asked if the ordinances were ever enforced and he said no. I asked if his superiors ever discussed the problem and he said no. He said, while they could cite some for muffler modifications it probably wouldn’t do any good because the fine for violation was only twenty dollars.

Noise pollution seems to be a major problem in our society. Young people stroll by with ear buds cranking out music at 150 decibels damaging their hearing in the process. Movie theatres and rock concerts blast out ear damaging sound levels to all present including young children. The entire population is suffering hearing loss and are completely unaware of the hazard. I notice young people shouting in their conversations because they can’t hear their own voice. At least concert high noise levels are in closed venues where only attendees and employees are affected. When the noise levels occur on our streets everyone is affected.

So we in the FM area are subjected to excessive noise levels by those who enjoy disrupting the environment we live in. Ordinances are not enforced. The only consolation for us is the recognition that the prepetrators will soon be deafened by their own vehicular noise. Huh, what did you say?

Fargo ND

Jack Williams
Letter: Noise pollution is a problem in Fargo

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