Many farmed fished are hard of hearing — here's why that matters

  • Right-wing dipsh*ts attack Jimmy Kimmel for Sarah Palin — and man, they are dumb

  • Sarah Palin shreds the dictionary to invite ‘smart Democrats’ to unite behind Trump

  • Sen. Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign ends after series of trouncings by Trump

  • ‘The Sarah Palin of 2016’: Twitter mercilessly mocks Carly Fiorina after Cruz’s crushing Indiana loss

  • Cruz’s ex-roommate celebrates his campaign’s end: ‘Either there is no God or he reeeeally doesn’t like Ted’

  • WATCH: Creepy Jehovah’s Witnesses cartoon brainwashes kids into trying to ‘change’ same-sex parents

  • Latinos and Democrats hide in safe houses as right-wing sheriff uses mob rule to take over Texas town

  • Ouch: Watch as Ted Cruz accidentally elbows his wife in the face after leaving presidential race

  • Watch Ted Cruz’s stunningly rude meltdown when NBC’s Hallie Jackson asks if he could back Trump

  • Man takes sex doll home to meet his parents after he mistakes her for an ‘angel’

  • Many farmed fished are hard of hearing — here’s why that matters

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