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Find out who are three partners are for #NAD2016! Register at by May 31, 2016!

VIDEO DESCRIPTION AND TRANSCRIPT: Video starts with David Rice in front of an off-white wall. A small white DIG logo appears on bottom left and a small white NAD logo appears on the bottom right.

DAVID: Hello! I’m David Rice and I am the President of Deaf In Government (DIG). I want you to join us at the NAD Conference. DIG is thrilled to be one of the partners this year for the Government Employee Training (GET). We encourage everyone to attend our workshops, network, and have fun!

Video cuts to Tawny Holmes at NAD Headquarters. A small NDEC logo appears on bottom left and a small white NAD logo appears on the bottom right.

TAWNY: Even though the NAD has always had an Education Track during their biennial conferences — this year, we’re excited to expand that track into five sub-tracks, which means 35 more workshops! This means more opportunities for teachers from mainstreamed programs and schools for the deaf, families, advocates, administrators, and anyone else who works in the field of Deaf Education. Lots of information and resources will be shared. There will be opportunities for outreach and collaboration, especially with the Education Advocates. The National Deaf Education Conference (NDEC) will take place in the Renaissance Hotel while most of the NAD Conference will take place on the next block over at the Phoenix Convention Center. Everyone will have an opportunity to meet during the week. For more information, explore You can register for NDEC at the NAD website which includes NDEC workshops or if you prefer to attend only NDEC workshops, you can register on our website for $100 which includes CEUs. It’ll be a great week in Phoenix, Arizona! We look forward to seeing you there. If you have any questions, contact us through our website. Thank you.

Video cuts to Delynn Saunders standing outside. A small RID V logo appears on bottom left and a small white NAD logo appears on the bottom right.

DELYNN: Hi there, my name is Delynn Saunders and I am the chair of the RID Region V Conference.

ERICA: And I’m Erica West Oyedele and I am the RID V Representative. We have an exciting week planned during the NAD Conference — great workshops, informational meetings, fun events, and plenty of opportunities to engage and discuss.

DELYNN: I know you’ll enjoy our conference! Come and join us!

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