TSD runner makes school history

When Tennessee School for the Deaf senior Gashaw Duhamel runs, he makes it look easy.

“I was able to see Gashaw run back before I was a coach,” said TSD boys track coach Jordan Cooper.  “I just knew he had natural ability.  Extremely impressive without training. He could just run.”

For someone so comfortable on the track, it’s hard to believe Gashaw only started running sophomore year.

“I wasn’t involved with any sports,” said Duhamel.  “My parents and coaches told me I should join some kind of sport. I picked track.”

Gashaw started track only two years after his life drastically changed.

“People from here adopted me and brought me here in 2012,” explained Duhamel.

He grew up in Ethiopia and moved to the United States when he was 15 years old.

“It’s much different.  Language, food, many different things.”
But Gashaw adapted, just like he has on the track.
“He’s always pushing himself,” said Cooper.  “It’s really cool to see how he’s intrinsically motivated and he will push himself.”
Gashaw made history on Wednesday when he signed to run track at the University of Tennessee. He’s the first athlete from TSD to sign with a Division I school.
“TSD has been doing sports since 1892.  I just assumed at least one person, but I just think it’s incredible.  It’s amazing,” said Cooper.
“It’s good for me,” said Duhamel.  “I am very proud.”

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TSD runner makes school history

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