Twitter Chats In American Sign Language (ASL)

Watch this ASL video to learn more about how to participate in Twitter chats, then be sure to join our ‪#‎DeafInPrison‬ Twitter chat tomorrow, May 11 at 3pm EST/12pm PST. See you there!

Original Transcript:

What is a Twitter chat?
This video will cover why Twitter chats are important, how to participate in chats, including basic chat rules.
What is a Twitter chat?
A dialogue surrounding a specific topic
How do you participate in a Twitter chat?
Search for the hashtag on Twitter
Make sure to click on LIVE tab
Host posts questions by starting with Q1, Q2, Q3, etc and includes hashtag
For example, Q1: Why did you join this chat? ‪#‎DeafEd‬
Answer questions by starting with A1, A2, A3 etc, add your comment then end with the hashtag
For example, A1: I want to learn more about language rights of deaf children. #DeafEd
By including the hashtag in your tweets, you ensure that all chat participants can see your answers and other comments
During the chat, it is encouraged that you use the like and retweet buttons to show that you agree with the answers of a chat participant. You can also have discussion with a participant by replying directly to someone’s answer. You just click on the reply button. To make sure everyone in the chat can see your reply, be sure to add the chat hashtag to your reply.
[Image Description: Young white male with a black crew neck tee shirt signs the letter *D*. The caption below reads: Q1: Why did you join this chat? #DeafEd
He is seated in front of a faux wood brown wall that has a strong glare on the right hand side of the wall.]

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