White Oak Baptist Church Access Campus Becomes Hearing Accessible

Dr. Tony L. Wilson, senior pastor of the White Oak Baptist Church (Access Campus) announces the church will become the first full “hearing accessible” church in Hamilton County for hard of hearing people. The church will be equipped with FM hearing units, telecoils loop system, as well as captioning. There will be a special hearing loss support group to help people deal with hearing disability.  

The White Oak Baptist Church (Access Campus) invites friends and family members with hearing loss, who need to see, hear and understand everything in the service.  

The grand opening will begin at 9:15 a.m. June 12 for the morning service. The hearing loss support group will meet at 10:30 a.m.  

Hearing loss is one the most prevalent chronic health conditions in the U.S. Fifty million Americans have some form of hearing loss, yet only 20 percent receive the technology and the specialized help they need to communicate better. They are the largest special needs population with serious quality-of-life and accessibility issues according to the World Health Organization. It is called the runaway handicap because little is being done to help people cope with hearing loss. 

In the state of Tennessee there are 450,000 people with mild to moderate hearing loss and in Hamilton County, there are 41,000 who suffer hearing loss and need assistance for hearing.   

Participants may visit the hearing center when they arrive at the Access Campus and pick an FM receiver and headset. They will be able to hear clearly from anyplace in the sanctuary. Captioning will be on the screen above the speaker. Tele coil wires are available for those with hearing aids with “T” switches.  

For more information call 624-1669 or email: letmypeoplehear@yahoo.com.  The White Oak Baptist Church (Access Campus) is at 4064 Access Road.  

White Oak Baptist Church Access Campus Becomes Hearing Accessible

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