Disabled Chester woman, nearly deaf, given free hearing aids

“Red right, blue left,” certified hearing aid specialist Bob Smyth explained to Nancy Lowery as he pointed to the brand new hearing aids on the table between them.

The Chester woman sat quietly in her motorized wheelchair listening attentively, nodding and smiling occasionally, as Smyth showed her how to use the hearing aids. The hearing aids were provided to her free of charge by Beltone Hearing Aids – a generous gift that will more than likely change her life.

Lowery is 71 and has been nearly deaf for six years. She is a bilateral, below-the-knee amputee who has also struggled with significant heart problems and chronic diabetes. Because of her hearing loss, she is often unable to hear her insulin pump beeping or the telephone ringing.

Those hearing problems also have caused her considerable problems doing the things she loves most – like singing in the church choir.

“I had to move yesterday at church because I couldn’t hear. I had to move closer to the speaker,” Lowery said. “The hearing aids are going to enable me to do a better job there and hear what’s being said.”

After hearing Lowery’s story, the Beltone Hearing Aid Center in Rock Hill decided that it was time to help. They contacted the Beltone Hearing Care Foundation to see if Lowery was eligible for free hearing aids. The foundation immediately approved.

“We are completely enthusiastic to be able to help Nancy Lowery,” said Michael Andreozzi, CEO of Beltone Carolina/Virginia. She “is a truly deserving person and we are delighted we are able to change her life for the better.”

Despite her physical difficulties, Lowery remains active, using her wheelchair to get around on the sidewalks of Chester.

“I’m doing well, love life,” she said. “This is my first time with hearing aids and… it seems like it’s going to be really great.”

Disabled Chester woman, nearly deaf, given free hearing aids

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