In what appears to be a close election this year, some of the delegates weren’t sure that the voting process would be fair and before the vote was initiated, there was a discussion on how the vote would be process and tallied. As you can see in this picture below, before the voting started, President Chris Wagner addresses the issues with some of the delegates on stage to ensure that the voting process would be real and legit.

And with this video as well.


As we mentioned two days ago, there was some controversial issues with how CEO Howard Rosenblum and NAD President Chris Wagner approached NAD President Candidate David Reynolds illegally and against current NAD bylaws by attempting to sway delegates’ votes in the election for President.

Nevertheless, Melissa Draganac-Hawk is pleased with the results and is quoted as saying, “NAD is not my organization, it’s yours…I believe we can work together and bring this to a new level”. You can watch her acceptance speech in the video above.

David Reynolds has not yet announce anything on his social media accounts other than then his his complaint that he filed the the NAD Elections Commission. In the meantime, here are the election results/tally provided by NAD Conference

NAD Election 2016 results

As you can see, Newly-elected President Melissa won the vote by getting 63 more votes than David Reynolds. You can also see that that Region IV was incredibility close with Martin Price winning by one vote!

Some noteables…Deaf Access to Justice has provided a link to where you can submit an online complaint if you’re not happy with NAD CEO Howard Rosenblum overall performance.

And NAD fundraised over $16,000. What for? Not sure exactly, but hope it’s for a good cause.

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