next 2016 NAD President
Tar endorsing David O. Reynolds to be our next NAD President!

With the #NAD2016 in play, with everything that’s going on, we took to Twitter to find out some of the best seven things you should know that happened today. From the 2016 NAD Elections to the scorching hot weather in Phoenix to the latest drama going on with CEO Howard Rosenblum, here are seven things that you should know that happened while #NAD2016 took place today.

  1. Convo live streaming the community forum on Facebook.


2. A young Deaf boy shares his heartbreaking experience.

3. NAD honored Glide App Founder the Accessibility Award.

4. NAD Board Campaign Speeches


5. Confused Twitter followers when they search #NAD2016 and get National Aboriginal Days Postings.

6. NAD Hulu Hoops gone crazy!



7. Intense voting on Amendments, Motions, Semantics,and etc.


There you go! If you want to add something that we missed, feel free to leave a comment in the comment area or post pictures that you thought should be mentioned as well! And you can tell us how HOT it is at the 2016 NAD Conference. Drink plenty of water people!

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