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August 26, 2016

#TakeBackCSD Movement Accomplishes It’s Major Goal: Dr. Virnig Reassigned Out of California School for the Deaf

Fremont, CA– After two weeks of #takebackCSD movement, the community of California School for the Deaf (CSD) has been notified that Dr. Sean Virnig was reassigned to CDE and is no longer the superintendent of California School for the Deaf. This shows progress is happening to meet the three demands asked by #takebackCSD: removal or reassignment of Dr. Sean Virnig; no reprisals nor retaliations for CSD staff who were a part of this movement; and to have the CSD community actively involved in the search for an interim and a new superintendent.

Today the Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson released two letters announcing not only that Dr. Virnig had been reassigned, but also that a search committee for a new site superintendent is now underway which meets the third demand. The second demand to ensure no reprisals is still being worked on.

Association of Families, Teachers, and Counselors (AFTC) released a statement: “AFTC is in awe of the CSD staff and families for coming together and achieving this commendable result. We also appreciate the attention and care that CDE gave this issue. May the beautiful camaraderie and energy move us forward to the new era for CSD.”

This action of #takebackCSD is not yet over. AFTC along with the CSD Union (SEIU 1000), California Association of the Deaf (CAD) and many others involved will continue to work, as they have a large role in the search, along with CDE, for a for a new superintendent that fits the vision of CSD, a world class school for Deaf children.

“This decision is in the best interest of our school, our students, and our staff. We look forward to a great academic year and a bright future for our CSD community,” said Sulghi Hong, CSD’s union representative from SEIU 1000.


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